Hokkaido Nemuro promotion bureau Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun is a town of dairy farming with the population following Nemuro-shi at Nemuro jurisdiction.
It's the stoop where this embraced town can put the Naka-shibetsu airport which is the airport in the Hokkaido easternmost tip in Michihigashi with geographical advantage for about 2 hours in Kushiro, Nemuro and a northern network of one yen and is also an important point of traffic.

Municipal Sales

Annual handling quantity
Annual handling amount of money

A part of our products

We handle various kinds of products.
We make commercials retail stores and a huge supermarket in Nakashibetsu Town and also in nearby town such as Shibetsu. Rausu and Bekkai.

Fresh Fish

Frozen Food




Processed Food

Role of Local Market

Since 2008 we sell Nakashibetsu Town's farm products such as daikon radishes.
Broccoli and Potatoes. And recently. we sell Fresh Shiitake mushrooms and hydroponic vegetables which is a local new business to Market and supermarket of all parts of Japan.
Nlssyo Shiitake mushrooms
Leaf Lettuce

Japanese radishes (made in Nekaehibetsu)
Potatoes (made in Nakashibetu)

→→Sold to each market and supermarket!!!

President’ s Message

The Buyers‘ Association of Nakashibetsu Local Wholesale Market makes commercials in Nakashibetsu Town and also in nearby towns such as Shibetsu.
Rausu and Bekkai. We are in an effort to supply enough merchandise to our customers though it is getting more difficult to secure a purchase of stock route recently. The existence value of our wholesale market is fairly big.
We hope it will continue to make a great advance as the market feeding the district from now on too.